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Karlukovo Karst Complex

Oknata (The Eyes)

Karlukovo karst region is one of the most famous in the whole country, including caves, gulfs and canyons. More than 240 caves have been explored, such as –the phenomena “Prohodna”, “Bezimenna” 22 /Contrabass/”, “Zadanenka” etc., as well as the two rock phenomena – “Strupanec” and “Provartenika”, announced to be natural sites.
Karlukovo Karst Complex is the most representative karts territory for low (up to 400m) undulating-plateau lands not only for Bulgaria. On the relevantly small area of the micro region (900ha) the complete variety of over ground and underground objects are spread at a very short distance between them.

Map of Karlukovo karst complex





The caves in the Karlukovo Karts Complex are more that 400 and can be divided according to the standard classification – horizontal and vertical. Prohodna cave, the unique rock arch, is undoubtedly of the highest interest for tourists. Some other caves, invisible at first sight situated in front of Prohodna, are the karst precipices Bankovitsa, Svirchovitsa, Kucheshkata and others. The natural center of all the caves in the plateau is the National House of Speleology and with its educational and training centre - the Balkan Centre of Speleology.

Part of the first geopark in Bulgaria - Geopark ”Iskar-Panega" lays on the territory of Karlukovo karst complex.






Prohodna cave is an unique work of nature and water. Its vault is 47 m. high and the whole regoin is very rich in holes. Here are made scenes of many films, including the famous Bulgarian historical film “Vreme Razdelno”. Here is the only place in the world where bundgy jumps can be made from the very vault of a cave. Other sports in the region – sport climbing, speleology (because it is a Karst region) and water journeys.

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