village of Karlukovo

About the village

The village of Karlukovo is located in North-Central Bulgaria. It is part of the Municipality Lukovit (Lovech District). The village of Karlukovo is situated at railway Sofia - Pleven between railway stations Mezdra and Cherven bryag.
There are two theories concerning the origin of the name “Karlukovo”. According to the first one the name comes from the name of Kral Luko (King Luko). According to the second one (which sounds more plausible ) the name comes from the Turkish word for “eagle” – Kartal.
Once there were two villages Karlukovo – Gorno Karlukovo and Dolno Karlukovo. The population of Dolno Karlukovo was banished from the village during the Ottoman rule and Gorno Karlukovo moved to the land where present day Karlukovo is now located.






The Karlukovo monastery is situated near the village of Karlukovo, 8 km southwest of Lukovit, among the defile of Iskar river. There are no records about its founding. In ХV century it was plundered and ruined. At the end of XVI- and the beginning of XVII century the monastery was restored, then ruined again and finally became desolated. In 1834 it was restored again with the contribution of Stefan Cholakov from Plovdiv. Nowadays, the old church "Uspenye Bogorodichno"/"The Assumption"/is the only of retain. It was built during the second half of XVI century as a part of grant cloister complex. The healing effect of the place is confirmed by the legend and the existence for many sanctuaries. The church with a vault ark was entirely built by stones. The columns and bases, and floors are built by rough worked up stones too. The sacred image is oak-worked, the walls and the ark are engraved. The church is announced for a National Monument of Culture.
In 1799 bishop Sofroniy Vrachanski ( a Bulgarian cleric and one of the leading figures of the early Bulgarian National Revival ) found shelter in the Karlukovo Monastery, promoted Bulgarian spirit and worked for the benefit of the Bulgarian people.
There are two preserved rocky churches across the Monastery of Karlukovo. The mural paintings of the church “St. Marina”, implemented by a first class master are fragmentary saved. According the stylistic and iconography peculiarities mural paintings are dating from XIV century. About 5-6 km northwest from the church “St.Grigoriy, two strata of mural paintings remained, dating from XIV and XVII centuries.

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